About Us​

AI for sustainable, profitable growth

Lyftbridge Innovation views AI through the lens of
business process excellence.  With domain
expertise across most industries, Lyftbridge takes a
business-model-first approach toward AI use cases to address your business’s top priorities.

Who Are We​

We are a dynamic and experienced team of domain experts, process experts, marketers, operations managers, black belts, project managers, sales professionals, scientists, engineers and c-suite executives.  Our expertise spans dozens of industries, business models and go-to-market models.   As leaders, we offer a “business first” consultation that adds precision and impact to your application of AI tools.

Our Mission​

At Lyftbridge, our mission is to create sustainable, profitable growth for our clients through the transformative potential of technology.

We subscribe to the McKnight Principles of business leadership that embody trust in the team, appropriate risk taking, diversity, inclusion, initiative, experimentation and a belief in the power of business as a force for good.

Diverse businesses have higher growth and higher margin.

Our Approach

We start with the assumption that your organization knows its business best.  We use lean, design-thinking, agile and change leadership tools to surface priorities and capture your best thinking.  Next, we sprint to focus your teams on delivering AI solutions.  Finally, each project ends with self-sufficiency, including custom GPTs that your team continues to train.

Define, Empathize, Ideate, Design, Experiment, Launch



Support onboarding and training chatbots, custom built and trained on your information.



Client Delivery Automations, lead generation & lead management automations.



We build robust workflows that integrate into your sales process, and business.


Custom Platforms​

Our Skilled team of developers can build custom platforms for our client, the sky is the limit.

Why Choose Us?​

Learn how Lyftbridge can drive AI innovation for your enterprise

Some Numbers​

A track record of quantifiable success


years combined business experience







Learn how Lyftbridge can drive AI innovation for your enterprise

Design your transformation today with our guide to AI change leadership.  Packages begin at $5000 USD and can be delivered in under 15 business days. 

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